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Recent Exhibitions

Late Summer

August 10 - 28

Pat Kennan, Tom Lieber, Glenn Renell, Herbert Parsons

Our late summer show features watercolors by Pat Kennan, monotypes by Tom Lieber, and oil paintings by Glenn Renell in the main gallery, and paintings by Herb Parsons in the barn.


July 13 - August 7

Cat Bates, Susan Day Philbrook, Suzanne Savage Brewer, Millie Cheney

Our midsummer show features Cat Bates’ cast bronze jewelry, inspired by traditional forms of nautical hardware with hand-crafted cording and knotting; land and seascape oil paintings of Vinalhaven by Suzanne Savage Brewer, and oil and gouache paintings by colorist Susan Day Philbrook. Concurrently, the Windy Way barn will host a one-woman exhibition of the mid-century modernist oil paintings, watercolors and drawings of Mildred Cheney.

Early Summer

June 22 - July 10

Stephanie Crossman, Rebecca Gratwick, Michael Seif

Our Early Summer show features Stephanie Crossman’s three-dimensional knotted netting inspired by the natural world, Rebecca Gratwick’s landscape oil paintings that capture the light and colors of Vinalhaven and a new series of Michael Seif encaustic photographs capturing every day bird behavior.


May 25 - June 19

Our first show of the season features work by many of our gallery artists, as we welcome the return of light and warmth to our beautiful northern isle


September 1 - 19

a group show

We celebrate the gifts of summer, and the season of change

Late Summer

August 4 - 29

Peter Bodnar III, Francois Deschamps, Alison Hildreth, Kitty Wales

Our Late Summer show features Peter Bodnar III, Francois Deschamps, Alison Hildreth, and an installation of work by Kitty Wales in the Windy Way Barn. Peter Bodnar III paints with acrylic to create atmospheric, abstracted landscapes. Francois Deschamps’ layered photographs and constructions present overlaid realities using trompe l’oeil and found materials. Alison Hildreth’s prints and drawings refer to places ancient and imagined and her continuing interest in cartography. Kitty Wales’ animal sculpture of welded steel and epoxy clay with island chair parts and her prints and drawings focus on the theme of migration, and provide a commentary on current affairs.


July 14 - August 1

Elaine Crossman, Carl Swidorski, William Trevaskis

Our Midsummer show features island landscapes in all seasons by Elaine Crossman, stone sculpture by Carl Swidorski, and color and black & white photogrpahy by William Trevaskis.

Early Summer

June 23 - July 11

Sylvia Lacey, Scott Moore, Michele O'Keefe

Our Early Summer show features Sylvia Lacey functional porcelain and stoneware pottery, Scott Moore landscape oil paintings, and etchings and monotypes by Michèle O’Keefe.


May 26 - June 20

Our first show of the season features work by many of our gallery artists, as we welcome the return of light and warmth to our beautiful northern isle

Land and Legend

August 5 - 30

Land and Legend and will feature the work of sculptor William Lasansky and photographers Andrew Crane and Ron Rosenstock.

William Lasansky was born in Argentina, but has been a part of the Vinalhaven community more than fifty years. His intense observations of the natural world led to a love of Vinalhaven stone, particularly the gabbro that is known locally as black granite. His sculpture references his broad exposure to many world cultures.

Ron Rosenstock leads photographic workshops in many parts of the world, including Vinalhaven. He has developed an extraordinary body of images of iconic landscapes from around the globe. In addition to being a featured artist in this show, Ron will conduct a workshop in the Windy Way Barn for Vinalhaven Land Trust July 31 – August 2.

Andrew Crane is making his first appearance at New Era Gallery, with a group of tintype photos of the island. Crane has traveled extensively, creating small, powerful images that are at once contemporary and yet lost in time.

Boats, Homes & Harbors

Esther Garcia Eder & David Peterson

Island Boats Homes and Harbors” and will feature the work of painter Esther Garcia Eder and ceramic sculptor David Riley Peterson. Eder’s colorful and joyous oils and watercolors of familiar island locales, often seen from atop the hill where she maintains her studio, speak of her love and deep appreciation for the island. Peterson, who has spent summers on the island since childhood, shows his lifelong love of boats and the water in his ceramic sculpture, a range including representational dories, shipwrecks, and fantastical mythological vessels.

In the Garden

We delight in the richness of island summer, featuring Don Burns, Curly Lieber, and Gail Savitz


We welcome spring with a viewing of works produced by our artists during the winter months.

Late Summer 2016

Joel Greenberg, Chuck Miller, Herb Parsons and Kitty Wales
Windy Way Barn: Cardboard Menagerie by Rich Entel

Greenberg’s color and black & white photos take inspiration from distant views across water and from microcosmic textures in the natural world. Charles Miller and Herb Parsons both work in oils; Miller’s richly textured abstracts and Parson’s finely tuned representational landscapes respond in different ways to the qualities of weather and light in the islands. Kitty Wales recent work in clay, prints, and drawings focuses on camels and their fabled role in her ongoing work about migration.

The Windy Way Barn will be filled with the cubist inspired animals of Rich Entel’s “Cardboard Menagerie.” The exhibit was first seen in Portland at the Jewish Cultural Center, and has since traveled to museums in Florida and New Hampshire. This installation will be the first to include Entel’s prints as well as the sculpture.

Works on Paper 2015

New Era Gallery ended the summer season with its "Works on Paper" annual show, featuring recent work by gallery artists including Andrew Anderson-Bell, Michael Chandler, Chris Clarke, Elaine Austin Crossman, Esther Eder, Janet Gohres, Curly Lieber, and Kitty Wales among others.

Late Summer 2015

Olena Babak, Elaine Austin Crossman, Judy Taylor and Torie Olson

Babak and Taylor are showing work at New Era for the second time, having first appeared as part of the Katahdin invitational show. This show will focus on works created during a painting intensive on Vinalhaven in June. Gallery Director, painter, and year-round island resident Elaine Austin Crossman will show images of the island in all of its seasons. Torie Olson photographs indigenous cultures around the world, and writes of her experiences. Her photographs are exhibited in the Windy Way Barn.

Mid Summer 2015 - Island Flora & Fauna

Stephanie Crossman, Janet Gohres, Jackson Gregory, Curly Lieber, Marguerite White

Our mid-summer show “Island Flora and Fauna” honors the richness and diversity evident in the natural world at the peak of summer. The show features knotted netting wall pieces by Stephanie Crossman, ceramic crows by Janet Gohres, painted fish by Jackson Gregory, botanical drawings and paintings by Curly Lieber, and window displays by Marguerite White. A multi-media installation on the subject of bats by Alison Hildreth completes the line-up in the Windy Way Barn.

Early Summer 2015

Alison Angel, Joan Freiman, Eric Hopkins, Sylvia Lacey, and Michael Seif

Alison Angel’s life-long passion for the history of design across cultures is evident in her felted wearable pieces and wall works. Joan Freiman’s abstracted landscapes in acrylic capture the natural world in its essence. Eric Hopkins joins New Era Gallery for the first time, with new mixed media work on paper. Sylvia Lacey’s functional porcelain and stoneware pottery has an elegant simplicity. Michael Seif’s new photo-encaustic work focuses on change in the natural world.

Winter Works 2015

New Era Gallery opened it's 2015 season with it's “Winter Works” show providing a first look at work done during the winter months by gallery artists. New work included paintings from John Wulp, Esther Garcia Eder, and Scott Moore, sculpture from Sharon Townshend and David Smus, pastels by Elaine Austin Crossman, hand-hooked rugs by Kathleen Byrd, and photos by Charlotte Nekola.

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